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C.A.F.E. is pleased to host the work of Lynn Dooly-Marek this semester. Born in Montreal, raised in England, studied in France, vacationed in Greeceā€¦ Lynn paints international scenes.

DC Connect Student Video

To assist our students with DC Connect we have made a short video that has a student explain it in plain language for other students. Ideally, instructors might want to show this in their class first thing to help them get introduced to DC Connect and some of its aspects. We've dedicated a domain name to make it easy to remember: http://dcconnecthelp.ca


Welcome to the C.A.F.E.!

The Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment provides teaching and learning expertise, leadership, and support to faculty at Durham. Our goal is to foster relationships with faculty to empower them to create a richer learning environment, whether it is in the classroom or online. We support teaching and learning, curriculum development, as well as teaching with technology. To read more about C.A.F.E, please visit the About section.

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